Take your time and relax… It’s brunch time

It has become an addiction. Every day of the week, the only thing I’m looking for is the weekend’s brunch. To wake up slowly on a Saturday and Sunday morning and enjoy a brunch in bed made of sweet and savoury food, that’s what you call pleasure.

The other option, which requires a bit more effort is to get yourself ready and go to one of those places where everybody is waiting for their coffee to feel awake and wearing their most comfortable clothes, ready to enjoy a relaxing and easy-going moment.
In restaurants that serve brunch, time stops and it feels good…

My best place for a brunch? The Coffee Parisien in Paris (4, Rue Princesse, 75006 Paris).
This is where I had my first brunch experience and it still remains the best one. And it was also the day I kissed my future husband for the first time but shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

So what is a perfect brunch made of? Well, there is no perfect recipe. Brunch is all about how you would like to enjoy it but here some basics ideas that will make everybody happy:

– Coffee, tea or hot chocolate for those like me who don’t drink coffee
– Juices
– Yoghourt and fresh fruits
– Eggs cooked in every way (best way to express your creativity!)
– Ham, chicken slices, sausages, beans
– Bagel, cream cheese and salmon
– Jam, Nutella, butter
– Croissant, scones, Hot cross buns, bread, etc.

Today, our brunch wad made of chopped vegetables (courgettes, tomatoes, pepper) cooked in a pan and mixed with an egg that we ate with Irish Potato Farls (very English, you won’t find that in France, unfortunately) and some chicken slices.. Very good!
We then had fresh fruits mixed with yoghourt. Perfect way to start the day.

But the best of the best still remains the famous… Egg Mcmuffin (you know, like the one in McDonald but much better because you make it yourself!)

Egg McMuffin recipe – One person
One English muffin
One egg
One slice of bacon
One slice of burger or Emmental cheese

Poached your eggs by carefully breaking them into water that is a gently bubbling or simmering for about 3 mn. Then, carefully lift the egg out of the water with a slotted spoon
In the meantime, fry your bacon in a pan
Cut the muffin in half and toast it
Once everything is ready, sit the bacon, the cheese and the egg on top of one half of the muffin. Add  the other half and put your EggMcMuffin in a sheet of greaseproof paper.
Put it 10s in the microwave and it’s ready!