Parisian ‘Coup de Coeur’: Da Pietro, delicious Italian place

UN petit restaurant qui ne paie pas de mine mais où on y mange bien.’ That is usually the way the French describe a restaurant which doesn’t look great but where the food is delicious.

Da Pietro, on Rue Mabillon, next to Odeon, fits perfectly in that category. Like a true, authentic Italian restaurant, the space is only big enough for a few tables with cheesy paintings on the walls and curtains that haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine since the opening night. That said, the restaurant welcomes you in a most friendly and familiar atmosphere where the service is quick and efficient while the the food is… delicious!

Recognised for making their own pizza dough when most of the Parisian pizzerias use the same dough supplier, Da Pietro serves pizzas and pasta made with fresh ingredients and years of savoir-faire while portions are generous to the point of being copious. The seafood pasta with langoustines was an incredible success and despite the complication of shelling the multitude of clams, mussels and, langoustes, we were left hoping for more. As a finishing touch, their tiramisu is light and well-balanced without being too creamy.

All in all, Da Pietro is definitely, a must-try if you ever find yourselves in the neighbourhood and you’re having a craving for Italian cuisine.

Da Pietro
12, Rue Mabillon
75006 Paris
+33 1 43 54 62 34


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