Parisian ‘Coup de coeur’: Chez Michel, traditional Brittany food

AUTHENTIC, rustic and tasty. These are the three words that define Chez Michel, a restaurant located two steps away from Gare du Nord and considered as one of the best bistrots in Paris.

Not a sight of a traditional Parisian Croque-monsieur or a boeuf bourguignon, though: Chez Michel serves authentic Brittany dishes which Thierry Breton, the owner, calls home.

Thierry Breton is among those who trained with Michelin-starred chefs but decided not to compete for recognition, preferring to concentrate on sharing his love of food and cook the cuisine he enjoys most with a focus on terroirs and market produce.

From fish to game, Chez Michel is one of the few places that still serves authentic traditional, home made family cooking, which is exactly the feeling you get when you walk through the door. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with big wooden tables and old-style table towels.

Don’t miss the delicious fish soup, the Kig ha farz (traditional Britanny stew) and the legendary Paris-Brest which is to die for.

By the way, if you ever see someone running from one table to another, carrying three plates, a basket of bread and a pichet of water with a towel over his shoulder, I’d give a polite nod and say hi because you’d be  standing next to Thierry himself: an authentic and delicious man, just like his cuisine.

Chez Michel
10 Rue de Belzunce
75010 Paris
+33 1 44 53 06 20

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