My parisian ‘Coup de coeur’: Angelina and Jean Paul Hévin

AS some of you may know, I am truly, lovingly addicted hot chocolate. There was a time when I didn’t consider a meal complete with out a yogurt, but that lofty position of crowning a meal now undeniably goes to a good hot cup of cocoa.

Luckily enough, Paris has a lot to offer in terms of hot chocolate. Of course, you can always have bad experiencs, with many places serving up more milk and sugar than chcolate. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to find a good one, even in traditional bistrots such as Le Terminus in front of Gare du Nord.

Amongst the most acclaimed places serving this indulgent treat, Jean Paul Hévin and Angelina stand out of the crowd and both deserve a visit during your trip to Paris.

Jean Paul Hévin is a modern store with a counter offering an impressive selection of chocolate and pastries. A tea room awaits you upstairs, with a menu featuring mouth-watering chocolate pastries and a selection of hot chocolates, each more interesting and tasty than the last.

Their green tea hot chocolate, chosen with care, has quite a light consistency and is quite milky while retaining a strong chocolate taste. The herbs add a refreshing yet powerful twist. I won’t say it is my favourite option but it is definitely a first choice winner for tea lovers.

One street away, you’ll find Angelina, a more traditional tea room adorned with big mirrors mouldings along the ceiling. The place has reached such a level of international prestige that even the waiters speak Chinese and Japanese.

That said, they have definitely earned their reputation. Their hot chocolate is both thick and chocolaty with just the right hint of sugar.  The African Hot Chocolate will definitely win you over from the first sip: comforting and filling, Angelina’s hot chocolate satisfies both desires you’d expect from this special beverage. And if you’re feeling greedy, go for the Mont Blanc, a cake made of meringue and chantilly, coated with a layer of chestnut paste. I assure you, your afternoon in windy, cold Paris will regain its gleam of romanticism in no time!

Jean Paul Hévin
231 rue Saint Honore
75001 Paris
+33 1 55 35 35 96

226 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
+33 1 42 60 82 00


8 thoughts on “My parisian ‘Coup de coeur’: Angelina and Jean Paul Hévin

  1. Moi aussi j’adore un bon chocolat chaud! On a bien sûr visité Angelina’s lors de notre séjour en décembre dernier mais on a aussi trouvè tout à fait par hasard, un chocolat chaud super bon au Bûcheron rue de Rivoli en face du métro St Paul. Avec du vrai chocolat. Recommandé!

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