Introducing my Parisian “Coup de Coeur”

HELLO again … or should I say ‘bonjour’. Following my last post, my dearest half and I have now settled down in Paris, ready to discover the wonders of French cuisine and food products. As some of you asked me if I would (could?) keep on blogging in English I first thought that it could help people polish up their French. That said, I told myself that it wouldn’t hurt me to make the effort to write in the language of Shakespeare… just to keep you happy.

So, to add a little twist to my blog, I thought it would be great to tell you about the best places to eat in Paris. That’s what my new “Parisian ‘coup de coeur’” idea is all about: A series of short post about places I enjoy in Paris which could help you out for your next trip to Paris. Most of the time, I’ll blog about small restaurants, bistrots, cafés, etc. Not the high end or touristy stuff (I guess you don’t need my help to know who Pierre Hermé is) but the places with good food and an atmosphere which merit a visit.

This is the journey I’d like us to take together. As my restaurant knowledge in London is now much more exhaustive than my culinary Parisian experience, we’ll be discovering quite a few things along the way and, if you think I’ve missed something or should definitely pass by any place you know, I would be happy to hear your recommendations.

For this first post, I chose Mex & Co, a tiny Mexican restaurant in Quartier Latin which specialises in burritos, enchiladas and tacos. They serve good and tasty quality food and the atmosphere is really worth a visit: tequila bottles, dolls, and Mexican hats hang from the ceiling, bottles of wine cover an entire wall and you can also find Mexican products and delicacies to buy.
It’s the ideal place for a quick and good meal between shopping sessions or before a nap at Jardin du Luxembourg.

Mex & Co
10 rue Dante
75005 Paris
Metro Mabillon or St Michel
00 33 1 46 34 14 12
No website

9 thoughts on “Introducing my Parisian “Coup de Coeur”

  1. Ah ah ! Mex& Co ! J’aurais pu te la donner cette adresse là !
    C’est une amie qui a vécu au Pérou qui m’y a emmené, il parait que c’est vraiment LE meilleur resto mexicain de Paris.

  2. Lovely idea, Mathilde. I look forward to following.

    I am sorry I missed your leaving do but I haven’t been in London. Hope to catch you in Paris some time.


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