A foodie Hen Party

THERE are many different ways of giving a blog exposure: Twitter, Facebook, dedicated websites, newsletters, mentions in the press, word of mouth through friends, business cards, etc.

As a communication professional, I spend my days thinking about the best and most efficient strategies and ideas to spread the world about my clients and ways to support their businesses. This often results in long thinking processes to find THE idea that everybody has dreamed of making come true (well, at least me!).

Last weekend, I was invited to what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend with my bridesmaids in Paris. However, with their creative minds and 10 years’ experience in communication and project management, it didn’t occur to me that there could have been a slight chance that the pre-defined agenda would turn into a journey of unexpected events.

After a relaxing morning in a Hamam, where three unexpected girl friends were waiting for me, I was brought to Jardin du Luxembourg by my partners in crime, carrying a list of ingredients previously bought, for a good and easy-going picnic. Well, that what was officially said.

But the creativity and the endless imaginative brains of my bridesmaids had something else in mind. Knowing my love for food and cooking, they challenged me to create the most delicious picnic with the ingredients I had in front of me on a bench.

Being in one of the busiest gardens in Paris, I could hardly perform my task without being noticed by Parisians and tourists, watching me with eyes full of curiosity. Who is this girl wearing a hat and an apron? What is this food on the bench for? What are these signs about Mathilde’s Cuisine? Lots of question but so little time! You see, it was 3.00pm and my guests were hungry. The cook had to act fast.

A pot of already cooked pasta, some carrot salad, balls of cheese, chiffonade of Grison meat, some lettuce leaves all mixed together seasoned with a drop sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, a drop of basil olive oil and my Salade Campagnarde was born.

It was now time to impress my guests with mozzarella and almond flakes rolled in salmon drizzled with bergamot olive oil, followed by a slice of cucumber, topped with a slice of goat cheese and cherry tomatoes cut in half for each of my guests. How is that for an improvised menu cooked on a bench with no choice but the ingredients in front of me?
Well, it seems that everybody enjoyed it and my blog never got so much exposure as that afternoon.

Many teams spend hours to come up with the best communication strategy ever but sometimes, you just have to ask your bridesmaids and they will have the perfect and most creative idea!

Of course, as a foodie, my hens party wouldn’t have been complete without a glamorous dinner on the Seine!

Merci beaucoup Blandine, Delphine, Rosita, Anne Laure, Geraldine et Delphine. Vous m’avez offert l’un des plus beaux moments de ma vie. On remet cela le 11 septembre.

25 thoughts on “A foodie Hen Party

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  2. It was a unique experience! Bravo for the fabulous meal that you prepared for us! “La cuisine éphémère de Mathilde” was without doubt, the “rendez-vous” not to miss that day in Paris!

  3. I agree with Mimi – you do look fabulous in a toque! Sounds like you had a wonderful hen party – even if your hens did put you to work!

  4. What a creatively fabulous idea. Those girl friends must have been ones that knew you well. And what a refreshing change from the tea-shirts and ‘L’ plates you see talking over city centre pubs.

  5. Awwww Mathilde that sounds amazing!!! How great and thoughtful are your lovely bridesmaids/girl friends??
    It sure does look like you managed to create quite a feast with your “Bench ingredients”.

  6. Wow Mathilde, the perfect Hen party! How wonderful to be able to share your love and passion for cooking with such amazing friends.
    I love how you enjoy life (and good food!) to the full and wish you much happiness.
    Can I send you a CHOC Chick Kit to try out? I would love to see what wonderful chocolate recipes you come up with.
    All the best,
    Galia x

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