Paul A Young and Henrietta Lovell, Tea and Chocolate at their best

THERE are plenty of ways to define happiness. Whether it’s a good night amongst friends, the laughter of the children playing in the garden in the summer, watching TV in the arms of your loved one, the accomplishment of a dream or the simple pleasure of enjoying your favourite dish.

For Paul A Young, the talented chocolatier praised by all the foodies and Henrietta Lovell, known as The Rare Tea lady, it is the intense satisfaction of having found the perfect combination. The one that makes the world stop turning for a few minutes…to give you the time you need to make the best of your chocolate bar while sipping the most delicate tea.

Tea and chocolate have always been a wonderful pairing without knowing each other. Of course, there are some matches made in heaven like chocolate and chilli, chocolate and orange or hot chocolate and hazelnut (fans of Nutella, raise your hands). But when it comes to tea, heaven goes to the next level.

We all know Paul’s battle for pure and traditional chocolate, staying away from the milky fatty ones but when it comes to playing with the flavours, nothing can stop the man who seems to have been born in the previous century.

His meeting with the glamorous Henrietta came directly from the best Mad Tea Party ever organised and should be a new chapter in Alice in Wonderland. Despite the labyrinth and the time running against them, those two were meant to meet. For the best and the craziest.

Each month until the end of the year, Paul and Henrietta will release a new recipe that will feature the magic combination of chocolate and tea. To start with, the two artisan food personalities have launched a White Silver Tip tea filled chocolate. The other months will feature Green Tea, RAF tea, Darjeeling, Lost Malawi truffle and Lapsang and Black Carmamon Rave. Tea and chocolate lovers have found a new playground to explore together.

The While Silver Tip tea filled chocolate offer brings together the best of each while balancing each other ‘weaknesses’. Thus, the chocolate is light and soft and the tea really brings us the flavours without any bitterness.

In his kitchen, Paul uses the finest chocolate that he melts in water with the tea leaves. It results in a smooth chocolaty ganache with strong tea flavours. The ganache is then poured into moulds until cool to be sold. However, without that last step process, Paul and Henrietta just created… the best hot chocolate ever. Tea and Chocolate, I have found the perfect match.

Paul A Young
33 Camden Passage
N1 8EA

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4 thoughts on “Paul A Young and Henrietta Lovell, Tea and Chocolate at their best

  1. Thanks so much for the this lovely post Mathilde. You are incredibly kind. I can’t tell you how much fun we had tasting teas and chocolate to come up with the perfect matchings. I really do have a wonderful job.

  2. Both Paul and Henrietta are alchemists of the highest order, I can’t wait to try out these new combos. If they can really marry the delicate aromas of white tea with the intense chocolate Paul uses then this could be the start of something beautiful.

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