A Year

IT’S been a year since I embarked on this culinary journey. A year of eating out, a year of discovering the wonders of food, a year of learning about the importance of quality ingredients, a year of improving my knowledge about wine and how to pair it with meals, a year of home dinner parties and enjoying the pleasure of entertaining at home.

In the beginning, my blog gave me a way to express my creativity and my love for writing. Every post is a permanent search for a unique angle, a story that will express my emotions, a tale of my personal experience. Written words have a power that spoken language can’t compete with.

Away from family and friends, in a country that I was trying to understand, my blog has was also an extraordinary starting tool for a new life abroad.

It gave me the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people, sharing the same passion for this universal language of food.

It allowed me live unforgettable moments of friendship and passion.

It gives me the chance to enjoy fine dining cuisine, cooked by talented chefs.

It brought me a new job, the one I have always deeply and secretly dreamt of.

It even put me under the spotlight of a TV camera to enjoy Warhol’s famous 15 minutes.

I started my blog to express my passion about cooking and my love for good food. With time, this passion has remained the same but the content has evolved. The restaurants reviews have slowly started replacing the recipes, the evenings out have become more important than my time in the kitchen and English has become the main language.

Maybe it is now time now to come back to the premises of my initial idea and create a better balance between my love for food, my love for writing and my love for cooking.

Happy Anniversary dear blog and thank you all for your kind support. It means a lot to me. Merci


27 thoughts on “A Year

  1. Congratulations! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! Here’s too many more years to come! I will look forward to your further observations, recipes and nights’ out on the town. 😀

  2. Happy birthday my friend, we are class mates in the blogging world – both started in April 2009!
    I too have met so many wonderful friends through my expanding network of food bloggers, twitterers and other food lovers – such a fabulous year!
    x x x

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  4. Joyeux Anniversaire Mathilde Cuisine !!!! Nos vœux les plus sincères et a très bientôt pour d’autres aventures culinaires aux quatre coins du monde !

  5. How did I miss your blogs year anniversary?!!! Especially as there’s a small photo of me in it!! hahaha congratulations Mathilde!! Its been a pleasure to meet you numerous times this past year, here’s to more of the same.

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