Food, the best recipe for a therapy

Among all of food’s incredible attributes, from medicinal to revitalising, Food can also be just as revealing as lying on a psychologist’s couch. Not only can food reveal your personality, it can even offer the comfort of a thousand words.

No need to talk or express what or how we feel; the way we eat, the way we choose our meal, the ingredients we crave, our reaction to the contents of a fridge; or even whether or not we jump on the bread at a restaurant waiting for the meal to be served; our gastronomical habits tell their  own little story about who we are.

And as the couch we lay ourselves down on is an integral part of our mental therapy, enjoying a meal will revitalise the spirit just as it will nurture the body… be it through the pleasant bitterness of a piece of chocolate or the calming leisure of a traditional Sunday dish.

Tuna Mousse Verrines – 4 persons
4 tomatoes, dicedTuna Verrines Bis
2 cans of tuna
250g of ricotta
4 tablespoons of tarragon
A handful of rocket, chopped
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

In a bowl, season the diced tomatoes with a teaspoon of vinegar, salt and pepper.
Set it aside.
Drain the tuna and break into small pieces.
In another bowl, mix the ricotta with the tuna and the tarragon.
Using a spoon, place the tuna mixture in a glass, cover it with the tomatoes and finally with the chopped rocket.


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