Christmas treat

Wood is crackling in the fireplace. The sound system is playing Christmas carols. Lights and ornaments are shining on the Christmas tree. The cat is sleeping next to the heater. Baking smells are wafting out of the kitchen while, outside, the kids are enjoying the last minutes of daylight.

It is 5 o’clock, on a December afternoon in Germany, France and the UK and it’s time for a Christmas treat.

Back from their exploration, the kids with fresh red cheeks drink a delicious hot chocolate that instantly warms them up. Their devoted, beloved mother serves them comforting, delicious Christmas cookies, freshly baked.

In France, mouths are full of chocolate truffles. Watch out those of you who like to sneak the last one, the cocoa powder on your lips is the perfect evidence of your crime!

In Germany, the smell of the spices used to make the famous Printen from Aachen and mulled wine come out of every home.

In the UK, traditional Christmas Hampers and mince pies are the must-have to celebrate Christmas time.

Outside, the first snowflakes start to fall. Home is definitely the place to be for a Christmas treat!


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