The romance of restaurant

As a kid, going to a restaurant was always an event on its own; the moment where you belong to the world of grown-ups.
As a teenager, it’s the place where you bring your first date after having saved penny after penny to bring her to the best place you knew.
This is where you’ll bring your wife anytime of the year, to surprise her, share a romantic moment together or simply come back to a place of comfort.
This is where people passionate about food meet up to enjoy the latest trendy place which has just opened.
This is where all the members of a family gather to celebrate Grandma’s 80th birthday.
This is where the cooks and masterchefs achieve their dreams, where they express their creativity and reveal their talents.

LRF collage
From October 8th to 13th, The London Restaurant Festival is celebrating those unique and priceless moments by giving Londoners the opportunity to meet chefs, to live amazing experiences such as The Big Roast or The Gourmet Odyssey and to enjoy a specially-created fixed-price ‘Festival Menu’ in many of the 500 restaurants that signed up for the event.

To celebrate the craziness of fine cuisine, famous chefs will be cooking dinner for guests on the London Eye while Pierre Koffmann will be honouring the ‘pop-up’ restaurant created on the roof of Selfridges until the end of October.

Make sure not to miss Covent Garden, the Hub of the Festival where the passionate and the curious should seek out the silver truck at Covent Garden and the lovely people who will be happy to help.

tossers 2

A big thank you to Porters and Palm Court Brasserie for having welcomed Eatlikeagirl, Scandilicious, EssexEating and myself for the opening night.


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