First the concept, the theme, the tone, the atmosphere that will define the first perception of the work.
Then the light, the colours, the pigment that will impact our emotions.
Then the texture, the consistency that creates the right rhythm.
Then the intensity, the energy of the work that will determine its full power
And finally the details, the drop of ‘Je-ne-sais-quoi’ that makes the whole difference.
The artist has achieved his ‘oeuvre d’art’.

Salad collage

Mastering the art of creation is usually left to genius, the ones for whom a pencil has become a second hand and imagination a way of life. But times have changed. The right balance of colours, lights and texture isn’t exclusively reserved to the ‘protégé’ artists anymore.

The time has come to express our creativity, to let our feelings lead the way, to give our emotions the freedom that they have been looking for, to step away from the imposed choices, to finally decide and define what we want. The creation process is on its way… to Chop’d!
Chop collage

This ‘gourmet salad bar’ provides all the ingredients necessary to compose your perfect masterpiece. With healthy delis, colourful vegetables, original garnishes, tasty dressings, adding up to 3 million possible combinations, Chop’d is the place to reveal the hidden foodie artist in you all!

Melanie Season, an American ex-pat living in London, claims her love for food through her blog om nom london and has used her artistic talent to create a unique salad that is  now featured at all seven Chop’d locations.Om nom salad

To admire – and eat – the soon-to-be-famous work of art ‘om nom London salad,  run to Chop’d until October 25th and enjoy the delicate mix of deli leaves, caramelised onions, spiced chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, olives, chorizo and chilli seasoned with a drop of lemon juice.
Un délice

Selfridges Food hall
400 Oxford Street, London W1 1AB
Six other shops in London – Find out more on


11 thoughts on “Art

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    • It is heaven for me as well! I really love the concept of chosing your own ingredient! There is always something that I don’t really fancy in a salad and the fact of having the choice of making your own is great!

  2. I love a great salad bar, especially when they have a great variety of ingredients to choose from. You can let your imagination run wild and create any salad you crave for

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