God… and the Icecreamists Save The Cream


In a world where conformity has become the rule, where we all walk in eachothers’ steps, where high-street fashion stores dictate the way we should dress, where the level of information and points of view delivered by the media hardly change from one channel to another, the words provocation and anti-conformism have a new resonance.

What would be a better example of tradition than queuing for an ice cream at the beach in the middle of summer, where the sun is rising, the temperature is at its highest? This well-established pleasure that only summertime seems to have the right to is about to be revised in a most provocative way by the latest, decadent installation at Selfridges, offering visitors ‘the coolest and creamiest fix’.

Ice cream bar US

Matt O’Connor, the biggest fan of ice cream that the frozen world has ever known, has just launched a temporary creative ice cream boutique at Selfridges’ Ultralounge (Until November 1st). Once you step through the doors of the Icecreamists, decorated in a pink and black modern baroque design, the norms and rules cease to exist. In the wise words of Voltaire, “Ice cream is exquisite. It’s a shame it’s not illegal.” That said, enjoying an ice cream at the Icecreamists is truly guilty pleasures at its best.


Copy of Sex Pistol - Product ShotThe Icecreamists have not only reinvented the concept of ice cream but the way of eating it as well. As an example, licking their decadent signature ice cream ‘God Save the Cream’, a ‘reverse flambé’ that even the Queen will be jealous of, served at a tepid -196°C provides you the feeling of indecency that each of us has always been secretly looking for.

Want to feel filthier? Have a try with the ‘Sex Pistol’, a ‘natural Viagra’ ice cream containing gingko bilobna, arginine and guarana served with a shot of Absinthe and the world of debauchery holds no secrets any longer. Available only to over 18’s and just one per person, no less. Debauchery may be good, but its even better in small portions!

Roberto Lobrano, the master of pleasure, has combined all the guilty pleasures in a range of flavours that our palates The Sundae Lunchcan’t resist for more than a second: Asian Spice Ginger, Italian Espresso, Twisted Toffee Apple, English Brown Bread and, as the reverential snub at the most traditional and conventional of British meals – the Sunday roast – the Icecreamists have come up with a provocative and frozen interpretation.

The only thing you will need is a spoon to eat the Fresh pea sorbet with a hint of mint, beef bouillon and horseradish sorbet with a Yorkshire Pudding crisp and an apple and blackberry crumble gelato. I haven’t had the chance to taste it yet but Sunday has definitely turned into the most indecent day of the week.

The Icrecreamists
Ultra Lounge
Lower Ground Floor
400 Oxford Street London


9 thoughts on “God… and the Icecreamists Save The Cream

  1. I just love your first paragraph. I felt that sometimes that’s me. Wow, I’ve never heard of combinations of flavors like that before for an ice cream. Ice cream just suddenly becomes voluptuous and very sexy.

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