Last but not Bull

GlassesRestaurants are among those places which, for a few hours, can transport people out of this world. Be it during lunchtime or for dinner, time stops and the earth stands still. Once you walk through the doors of these realms where palates are king, nothing else can really matter anymore. Miles away from the craziness outside, a relaxing and comforting atmosphere welcomes you to this parenthesis of happiness and pleasure.

Beyond tickling one’s palate, restaurants remind us of the pleasure of life.
Every morning and every evening, we share the same tube, the same train, never saying a word to each other, getting ready for the chaotic humdrum of our jobs. But when the time comes to leave that routine behind, our minds geared to enjoy the experience to the fullest, ready to listen and catch up, laugh and converse, ravenous to get to know more about the people that surround us.

The Bull & Last is one of these London pub restaurants where they take pride in offering exactly the right atmosphere for our desire to step out of the anonymity of the city and into the sharing environment of friends; a bubble of cheerfulness and peace.  In this delightful setting, forty people – all crazy and craving good food – recently attended the last edition of the now-famous Dine with Dos Hermanos’ dinner; the perfect definition of what people passionate about food enjoy the most.

As a person with a real passion for food (strange it seems that the term “foodie” has fallen out of grace…), what could be better than sharing a Slow Cooked Shoulder of Mutton served with lentils and mash potatoes with a those who can’t help eating the last forkful, and then another…and maybe one last one, until only the bones are left?


What brings more excitement than talking about French cheese and the way to eat it with two English people?

What brings more refreshment that having a passionate conversation about  the wide range of cuisine you can find in London with someone you’d never heard of a couple of hours earlier… secretly sharing cheese names on a piece of paper before leaving?

What brings more satisfaction than meeting people for the first time after having ‘tweeted’ with them for months, finally being able to put a face to their handles? And even if it is just a quick smile, a glance, a laugh, a hand shake or a whole discussion, the new relationship has begun.

When the first dishes arrive, how much gratification can you get from the two seconds of a religious silence that tells you more than can be described of how good the dish is going to taste and, just as importantly, the respect and anticipation that those around the table have for meal ahead?
Bull & Last Collage

If food is about pleasure, the great team of the Bull & Last cooked the recipe to perfection that night. They cooked a delicious traditional British dinner, from Fried Cornish Skate Cheeks and Steak Tartare with Quail Egg Yolk appetizers to Rare Hare Loin and Roast Pumpkin as a starter. Main courses consisted of a Slow Cooked Shoulder of Mutton with Prunes & Bacon followed by a Roast Hand of Pork, with Apple Sauce that only English people have the true secret of.Beer

Every course was served with a matching beer that told us a lot about the wide range of beverage that England should be proud of: Fuller’s London Pride, Thornbridge Brewery Jaipur IPA, Compass Box Oak Cross Whisky.

The traditional English meal wouldn’t be complete without Trifle and Eton Mess, to finish on a cheesy taste with Leagram Dairy Tasty Lancashire & Curd Cheeses.

English people may finish their meal with cheese and I will, as a French person, excuse them for the cultural ‘exception’, but the food was divine and each morsel of every dish was a little taste of fireworks of pleasure.

Elton Mess Cheese

Thank you Dos Hermanos and Thank you Bull & Last, it definitely won’t be!

The Bull & Last
168 Highgate Road,
London NW5 1QS
020 726 73641

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15 thoughts on “Last but not Bull

  1. Oddly enough, I must have picked up the French habit… we will often have cheese before dessert, assuming we bother with dessert at all!

    Lovely write-up and sooo nice to spend some time with you!

    • Thanks Kafey for passing by! Cheese should definitely be eaten before dessert .. otherwise you don’t have that sweet taste that keeps you happy for the rest of the day! Great evening spending some time with you, it was nice to know each other better.

  2. Hi Mathilde,

    I’ve eventually got round to reading the reviews of this great evening.

    Good to meet you- I will be putting a link to your blog on PoshFodder- why don’t you do the same?

    I’ve been very lazy with my review of the Bull & Last. I have merely mentioned the evening and then linked to some of the better reviews of the night- of which yours is one (of course).

    Look forward to seeing you at another event- I was unlucky with Bentley’s, I was too late.

    Keith Posh

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