On the road

Everybody has his own way of travelling.
Some would choose a backpack and a pair of hiking boots while others would sip their Cosmo laying on a long chair in front of a swimming pool. Some people have experienced the world by stepping into a library and diving into books for hours on end…whereas others only need a spoon.

One spoon of tajine brings you to 1001 nights of arabesque mystery.
A spoon of cheese and the French Riviera is just a sunset away.
A spoon of fried rice and the Great Wall of China tells you all its secrets.

Cooking is a travelling experience and one spoon of these verrines and you’ll find all the serenity of a Japanese Zen garden.

Japanese Verrine - 2

Japanese Style Avocado– 2 persons
Adapted from a recipe that a friend of mine, Delphine, who is a huge fan of Japan, made me discover at her place.
Having dinner at her place is always a great experience and you’re certain to enjoy the best of japanese food.

2 avocados
2 tablespoons of soya sauce
A ‘tear’ of wasabi
50g of prawns

Cut the avocados in half, dice the flesh et take it off with a spoon.
Put the cubes in a glass and cover with prawns.
For the dressing, mix the soya sauce with a bit of wasabi and pour it over the prawns and the avocado.
Ready to serve!

Another idea for a salad dressing: mix sesame oil, soya sauce, a bit of rice vinegar and a small teaspoon of sugar.

Japanese verrines

Avocat à la japonaise – 2 personnes
2 avocats
2 cuillères à soupe de sauce soja
Une larme de wasabi
50g de crevettes

Couper les avocats en deux, émincer la chair en cube et retirer les cubes avec une cuillère.
Disposer les cubes dans un verre et recouvrir avec les crevettes.
Mélanger la sauce soja avec un peu de wasabi et verser par dessus les crevettes.
C’est prêt !

Petite idée pour une sauce salade : mélanger de d’huile de sésame, de la sauce soja,
un peu de vinaigre de riz et une petite cuillère de sucre.

16 thoughts on “On the road

  1. We are so into avocados here in Santa Barbara. We have made everything from fritters & tamales to ice cream with them. So you have here a Japanese idea? great, you just can not go wrong with a perfectly ripe avocado. Thanks, Best, s

  2. Thanks! That’s the great thing with having moved to the UK: I discover new way of cooking and new ingredients every day. Traveling is a great experience to discover different ways of eating as well.

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