All crazy about food

Foodies. That’s how people who are crazy about food define themselves. I recently joined the FoodBuzz community, where foodies from around the world gather to talk about nothing but food, recipes and restaurants. Food has become their passion, their jobs and, for some, their very raison d’etre.

Foodies use food as people use language: as a form of expression and communication.  Just as each language has its own structure, expressions and idioms, each cuisine bears its favourite ingredients, traditional dishes and ways of sharing a meal.

While perfecting their own cuisine as a ‘cultural exception’ (an expression that French, which I am, are particularly proud of!), Foodies will just as avidly learn the recipes from other countries. We may have our differences from country to country but, when people gather around a table, food becomes the universal language.

Orange and Lemon

I spent an afternoon at Atelier des Chefs (19 Wigmore Street) in London cooking and having fun with people who wanted to know more about how to use a knife. And wherever we came from, food was the only language we were all speaking that afternoon.

Citrus marinated halibut with artichokes and shaved fennel slaw – 6 personsCoriander
12 artichokes in oil
2 oranges
2 lemons
1 bunch of coriander
6 fillets of halibut
50 ml of olive oil
25 ml of white balsamic vinegar
Salt & Pepper

Wash the rocket in a water bath, try to avoid to run the tap over the leaves this will break them and turn the brown.
Cut the halibut in slices from half a cm thick. Then cut these slices again in small strips.
Place them in a bowl and squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and 1 orange over it, season with a little drizzle of olive oil and white balsamic.
Spoon the total around with a spoon until the fish slightly starts to turn color and texture.
Check on the seasoning of the fish and if wanted season with pepper and salt.
Take the leaves of the coriander and chop them up finely with a sharp knife.
Cut the skin of the orange and the lemon which remains and take the segments out, and squeeze the juice.
Now place a little bit of rocket salad on a plate and place a pastry ring on top and serve the seasoned halibut in there, squeeze tightly.
Take the circle off and place the segments around the fish and drizzle the juice over the dish and sprinkle the coriander leaves over it.
Serve whenever ready.

Citrus marinated Halibut


6 thoughts on “All crazy about food

  1. I agree – food is an international language. When I travel, there is nothing that I look forward to more than visiting the local markets and finding the locals’ favorite restaurants.

    This recipe looks delicious and it’s so beautiful!

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