Turkish delights

During one of my first stays at my parents in law’s, my mother-in-law, who knew I was a big fan of aubergines, made Egg-plant puree with meat kebabs. Like me, food plays an important role in her life and she understands tastes very quickly. She has an amazing way of cooking vegetables and meats with spices à l’oriental that I really enjoy. I have to say that every time she cooks, it’s a wonderful adventure.

Turkish food is an amazing experience to live. I had the chance to go to Istanbul twice and, both times, my mouth experienced a splendour of firework. Turkish food is everything I like: spices, Mediterranean vegetables, very tasty meats such as kokoreç, hundreds of types of köfte and the world-renowned döner… I’ve tried different dishes around the world but Turkish food still remains one of my favourites! 

Eggplant puree  – 4 persons
4 eggplants
50g butter
50g flour
20cl milk
1 teaspoon salt
100g grated gruyere cheese

Put the eggplants in the oven or under grill and completely roast them until their skin starts opening up/burning almost and the eggplants are very soft. Take them out of oven.
Let them cool and cut alongside, with a spoon take the inside completely out into a plate.
Try to scrap it as much as possible so that you get that smoky taste into eggplant.
Squeeze a lit bit of lemon on the puree so that it does not get darker colourwise.
Basically chop and mix the eggplant to make a puree but not too smooth.
Melt the butter and add flour.
Once they mix, add the milk to make the sauce, add the cheese and once everything nicely melts in, mix it with eggplant and season with salt and a bit of white pepper if needed.

Meat kebabs – 4 persons
That method of letting meat to cook without any other ingredient is my grand mother’s recipe and it makes the meat very tender without any marinating
800g lamb fillet or lamb neck fillet cut into 2 cam cubes
A bit of olive oil
1 onion (thinly chopped)
1 canned tomatoes
1 glass of water
1 table spoon flour
Salt and pepper
Dried oregano to taste

Put the lamb by itself into the pan and close the lid and cook it over medium heat.
They will first give out all the juice and then start getting drier.
Once all the juices are gone add the onions and flour, stir it a few minutes, then add tomatoes and
herbs and salt/pepper and cook it until soft.

Egg Plant purée


3 thoughts on “Turkish delights

  1. Ca, je sais pas ce que ça vaut, mais la photo donne la dalle !!!
    Chééééééééérie, on mange quoi ce soir ??????

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