It’s all about addiction

On the train to Paris, I went to the bar, dreaming of a traditional natural yogurt with that particular flavour recreated from the old-fashion home-made ones. Unfortunately, my desire quickly vanished when I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy that unique taste as they weren’t in the menu.
It may sound strange but since I was a kid, yogurts have always been part of my life. We all have our favourite dishes or drinks and, for many years, I have never felt that my meal was complete without a yogurt. Just as I can’t start my day without a glass of orange juice.

Food is all about addiction. Some need a sweet taste after their meal, others can’t start a day without their coffee, some need their 10-o’clock snack.

Food is part of our points of reference and even if you don’t find the right yogurt, you will always find a substitute to appease your addiction.

And here a recipe that you will get addicted to very quickly!

Smoothie – 5 glasses
2 bananas
200g of summer frozen fruits berries* (mix of Raspberries, Blackberries, Blackcurrants & Redcurrants)
5 tablespoons of natural yogurt
Apple juice

In a blender, add the chopped bananas, the frozen fruits, the yogurt and some apple juice.
Blend everything together and add some more apple juice and milk if it is too thick.

Enjoy your drink!

* The nice thing about smoothies is that you can use any fruits that you like. If you use fresh fruits, blend a bit of ice first as smoothies are better cool.

And you, what is your addiction?



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