Make the best of a desire

Busy evening at home! My brothers are coming over for the weekend and as I had so many things to do to get everything ready, I didn’t have the time to cook…
But I wasn’t going to let that busy agenda keeping me away for a creative recipe. And here I was, once done with the unexciting process of cleaning, in front of my fridge wondering how to transform a sandwich’s desire into a new cooking experience. Ready?

Thursday night sandwich recipe – 1 person
2 slices of Organic Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Loaf
(Pain en tranche aux céréales)
Chicken slices
Spinach leaves
Basil leaves
Cream cheese
Soja Sauce

Toast the loaf slices.
Mix a bit of soja sauce with some cream cheese and spread it on one of the loaf slices.
Spread some mustard and ketchup on the other one.
Cover with layers of chicken slices, spinach and basil leaves.



One thought on “Make the best of a desire

  1. Sooooo sorry to not have been home to share the pleasures of cooking and cleaning with you my love, but it seems that, despite the fact that I was in one of the better Italians of London that I will make a pleasure of bringing you to, you had yourself a sandwich that was nearly as grandiose as to rival my own… but I guess that one has yet to become the ingredients of another blog post!

    All ye who think that this is the best cooking blog by a french beauty in London scream now!!!

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