Not too many cooks in the kitchen tonight…

I like the saying ‘Too many cooks in the kitchen’ translated in French by… ‘Trop de monde dans la cuisine’.Talking about cooks in a kitchen is so appropriate whereas French people wouldn’t give that much details to describe a situation.
Funny how two languages can be so similar but still so different…
Mais c’est ce qui fait le charme des langues étrangères, isn’t it?

I’m back from a 4-hour business lunch at the Roof Gardens (99 Kensington High Street – London, W8 5SA) where you have one of the best views of London. The food was excellent (Scallops, mashed pies with bacon – Sea Bass, mashed potatoes with black olives – Clementine Cheesecake) and gave me a lot of ideas for my future recipes.

What I enjoy the most when I go to a restaurant is not the food itself but it’s all the surprises around it:
From the delicious ‘mise en bouche‘ they serve where you always wonder how they manage to combine so many flavours in such a small portion to the beauty of a well-presented dish and the way they tranform two basics words ‘mashed potatoes’ into a unique sensation for your mouth.

Après un déjeuner comme celui-ci et une digestion lente, difficile de se mettre au fourneau et de se sentir créative…

Pas de chef dans la cuisine ce soir mais j’y reviendrai très vite !


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