I had a dream…

When I was a kid, I remember my mom cooking for us every day with fresh, good products.

I remember a scene where my brother was about four, up on a chair because he was too small to reach the stove, melting some chocolate in a pan,

I remember reading an interview of the famous Spanish chef, Ferran Adrià, titled:  ‘I don’t care about my mother’s cooking’, and telling myself that, just like him, my cooking is very different from my mom’s.

I don’t remember my first ‘real’ recipe, nor the first time I went to a restaurant, but I remember on occasion having had the same sensation as the mouse in the movie  Ratatouille, where each morsel of food you put in your mouth turns into a firework of pleasure and, why not, an orgasm.

I’ve grown up with good and healthy food and, year by year, cooking has become more than a passion; it has become the best way to express my creativity, my emotions, my mood and my imagination.

The best part of my day? When I open a fridge and I tell myself; ‘What I am going to create today?’

I had a dream that, one day, I would make that passion live; that I would share it with people that I love, be they people I know or that I don’t… and that’s what this blog is all about:  sharing.
And even if it is a blog among thousands, at least, I feel that I have made my dream come true.


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